Here’s what others have to say about The Career Advocate:

“I contacted Anita as I was looking for my first permanent job in London having finished 4 years at University and 4 months’ work experience.  I felt I needed assistance with the interview process to understand which information to use and how to bring it out in my interviews.  We started off with some work on my CV and then Anita helped me to link my experiences to the skills required by the roles I was applying for.  We built a bank of answers to common interview competency questions and spent time on mock interview and interpretation of feedback  – which was important for me as I had little experience in this area. I was able to practice mock interviews with Anita prior to specific interviews working on the topics and questions that were likely to come up.

Consequently with Anita’s help, I have secured my first choice job in London!

I am extremely pleased with the end result of my sessions with Anita, not just in securing this role but I feel I have developed key interview skills which may help me in my future career.”


“I met with Anita in an informal and relaxed atmosphere and despite being apprehensive I quickly felt relaxed and positive about working with her to address my development needs.

I needed to rebuild my confidence at work and learn how to deal with difficult people and manage others’ expectations.  Anita listened and probed for more information to try to identify my behaviours that might have been having a negative impact on my performance.

Anita suggested I carried out the PRISM Brain Mapping Exercise, which was fascinating and helped me to understand not only myself but also the behaviours of colleagues.  Following feedback on the results,  Anita gave me a more detailed analysis pack, which I found to be extremely accurate in describing me and my way of working. This has enabled me to identify how I can slightly adapt my way of doing things to help others in their day to day role

To develop my key skills further for the long term Anita set me small realistic tasks to carry out in my role and when interacting with colleagues.  Having put these into action I was pleasantly surprised at the results and how much they helped make my workload more manageable

Overall, I can say that I would recommend Anita and the services she offers.  She certainly helped me through a difficult time at work.”

“Anita was professional yet extremely friendly, nothing was too much trouble for her throughout the coaching period. She gave me confidence in my own ability to succeed and helped me to feel better prepared for interview experiences.”

– E.S. (3rd year university student)

“I enjoyed the reflection after each session, it felt like your brain had been unlocked.”

– R.W. (Primary school teacher)

“I would recommend coaching because, quite simply, it works. Coaching helps you to organise your thoughts and see what is important. The world can look very different after being coached!”

– R.W. (Primary school teacher)

“Sometimes you can lose your way and coaching is a great way to re-evaluate your goals and focus your efforts to achieve them.”

– L.R. (Business analyst and programmer)

“I enjoyed the coaching because I was able to talk through my situation with somebody who was completely independent and unbiased and coming out of the session with clear aims and confidence.”

– J.M. (University student)